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Elizabeth Taylor Mays, is licensed in both the state of Florida & North Carolina where she runs her private studios. She is highly qualified in her profession but still continues to pursue additional training to always provide the latest techniques in esthetics & permanent makeup. Certified medical aesthetician, licensed aesthetician, certified & licensed cosmetic & medical tattoo artist & a certified trainer. Her career in esthetics began in 2010. A passion for helping cancer patients & survivors lead her to the world of micro pigmentation. Wanting to help survivors achieve beautiful brows they lost thru treatment, revise scars from surgery & offer 3D areola for breast cancer warriors has became her drive. Also training & mentoring in "The Art of Beauty". Taylor is in full compliance with the State of Florida & North Carolina Health regulations, & uses only fully disposable instruments. She enjoys painting, designing & creating beautiful work whether on skin or canvas. Working along side her is her daughter Tyra, a micro blading artist & spray tan technician. At Raydiant Brows you can rest assure our products are all natural, paraben free, plant based & vegan. We choose to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering wellness treatments that enhances beauty to health conscience individuals. Call (561)670-5909. Consultations are always free. Most recent portfolio can be found by clicking on our instagram link at the bottom of this page.

Training credentials:

Palm beach Academy of Health & Beauty - Esthetics

AW Advance Skincare Training- Microneedling with fractional Meso-therapy

Tian Permanent Makeup Training Center New York- Permanent Makeup (cosmetic tattoo)

Nouveau Contour- Derma Pigmentation 3D Areola Breast Cancer

Tattoo removal, scar camouflage, scar revision, color correction.

What is the difference between the hybrid, ombre & microbladed brow?

~A microbladed eyebrow is done with a hand tool to draw hairlike strokes, so realistic, it is difficult to tell what is natural & what has been tattooed.

~A ombre brow is a soft powdered brow done with either a permanent makeup machine or a hand tool. It resembles a soft brow powder one may do when applying makeup. The color is darkest at the tail (end) of the brow & gradually becomes softer towards the bulb (head) of the brow.

~A hybrid brow is a combination of soft powder brow & hair strokes. This is done using hand tools. Raydiant Brows most requested technique.

What is the difference between the pretty pout & lip blush contour?

~Pretty pout is a gloss & go procedure. Color is implanted over the full lip with 3D shading to give the illusion of fuller lips. Lasts 2 yrs.

~Lip blush contour is similar to lip liner. The color can be done a shade darker than your natural lips to give the illusion of fuller lips. 

What is lash enhancement liner?

~Lash enhancement liner is a very delicate line tattooed into the lash edge of the eye. This helps to make lashes appear thicker & longer. 

Is it painful?

~If no allergies are present you are numbed thru out the procedure to help keep you comfortable. Some lip clients prefer to get a dental block from their dentist before their appointment. The dental block usually lasts 3 hrs. 

How long will my appointment last?

~Most appointments are 2 hours. This includes filling out paperwork, numbing, mapping, artist time, discussion of aftercare etc. We never rush our procedures. We prefer to take our time & create work the client will love. 

How do I make an appointment?

~Call 561-670-5909 and we will do a consultation. If you are a candidate we will email you an invoice for a deposit. Because 2-3 hours are blocked out for each client a non-refundable deposit is required & helps prevent no-shows. This deposit is put towards the cost of your procedure.  Most procedures require a small change in lifestyle 48 hours-5 days before your appointment so last minute appointments are not recommended. 

How long does it take to heal?

~The skin is an amazing organ & heals quite quickly under proper guidance. Unlike body art tattoos that use tattoo ink, we use cosmetic tattoo pigment. The molecules are much smaller & the depth is more superficial so the healing process is different. No matter if it's liner, lips, or brows you will experience a disappearance of pigment as you heal. The pigment is being pushed out by your immune system. What the lymphatic system was unable to remove will be pushed down deeper into your dermis layer of skin. This is when you will experience a loss of color. Skin will rebuild, get dry, flaky & exfoliate. Once this process is complete the pigment will rise back to the surface.  At this point it's time for your touchup so we can perfect the artwork. After your procedure you will receive a complimentary aftercare bag & instructions on caring for your new cosmetic tattoo. 

What form of payment do you take?

~We except cash, credit & debit.

Who is NOT a candidate for a cosmetic tattoo?

~Anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, under going chemo therapy or radiation, diabetic, on certain thyroid meds, suffer seizures, has any blood diseases, or has ever had an allergic reaction to a body art tattoo, For brows we prefer no botox 2 months before your procedure. For Cancer survivors, a signed release from your oncologist is needed before performing Areola, brows or Scar camouflage. 



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